About Us

At Lena Mae's, we take pride in creating skin-loving products for the entire family to enjoy.


Lena Mae's was created as a beautiful remembrance in honoring our late mother, Mrs. Lena Mae Crater-Brown. Her life was shortened at the age of 56 years young due to medical negligence. It altered our lives. The devastation and pain felt all-consuming. It shifted me; I felt as though I was living my life in fragmented pieces. I could no longer live shattered so I made the decision to take the pain and create something beautiful!!!!  


Lena Mae was an amazing wife, mother, and grandmother who enjoyed life/ laughter. She loved putting a smile on someone's face. Lena Mae also worked as a Preschool teacher for over 35 years. It spoke to her nature/passion for giving back. She was an artist and a chemist, in her own right. On occasion, she could be found creating her own fragrance-blend in the form of lotions, body mist, etc. One thing was for sure; she would always have both men and women asking the question- "What do you have on?"

Our logo is a silhouette of her favorite picture and a digital replication of her signature from her driver's license. She is reflected throughout Lena Mae's. 

At Lena Mae's, giving back and sharing the blessings of beauty and love is essential. One of our greatest desires is that you know love lives in every ounce of every product.


We support many charitable organizations and community outreach programs, including men and women in recovery, families in transition, and homelessness.

               Thank you for supporting.....